Snow Days!

Although they are technically called ‘days off due to inclement weather’ (I do remember a few days off in years past that were due to hurricanes), we all refer to them as snow days. Those wonderful days off of school that occur regardless of our plans. And it doesn’t matter how disruptive they are of our schedules and plans, we love them (and always want more – even if it means a calendar adjustment!)

Snow days are a joy! A chance to sleep a little bit later, or if we’re already up before the call is made, a chance to just relax and enjoy the day.

Some may consider a snow day a wasted day. But of course, a day off of school is not wasted time. Any day that brings us some pleasure is definitely not wasted! And teachers often spend part of their days off working; preparing lesson plans, grading papers, completing reports.

Students can also make good use of these days. Along with sleeping in, relaxing, playing in the snow, watching TV or playing video games, there can be a little time for ‘school work’. Practicing their reading and math skills, reviewing their spelling words or class notes, these are great ways to keep learning and exercising those brains!

No one knows when or how many ‘Snow Days’ we will be blessed with this year. Enjoy them when they arrive and please encourage some time spent learning!

December is a Busy Month!

December is traditionally a very busy month.  Everyone gets busy with holiday preparations and activities. There are lots of family, church, and community activities all month long. It is a very busy and joyful time!

Sometimes people get so busy that school becomes an afterthought. Learning is just as important in December as it is in every other month. There are classes to attend, lessons to focus on, homework to be done, and tests to study for and take.

So please help your child stay focused this month. Make sure they get a good night sleep, get to school on time, and encourage them to have a great month at school.


Let’s be Thankful!

As we head into the holiday season, let’s make sure we fully appreciate the blessing of Thanksgiving. It is my favorite holiday. This is an opportunity to reflect on our lives. It is a time to gather with friends and family, reminisce about past events, look forward to new beginnings, and to appreciate the good in our lives.

I wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving!

October is Bullying Prevention Awareness Month

Throughout October, Bullying Prevention is highlighted in our schools.

There have been Classroom Guidance lessons dealing with what bullying is, why it is not appropriate, and what to do if it happens.

A bullying awareness poster contest is currently underway. The top three posters from each class will be displayed in the hallways starting Oct. 26th.

There is a ‘Buzz Bucket’ located in the main hallway. Students can write out a bullying or safety concern report and deposit it anonymously. These will be reviewed and addressed by the school counselors.

The ‘Silence Hurts’ computer reporting system will be available as of Nov. 16, for students or parents to report bullying concerns.

These initiatives will continue throughout the school year. Through all of these efforts, we strive to make our school a safe and bully free environment!

School Counseling News!

We are almost through our first nine weeks of the school year. Report cards will be coming home soon. Please make sure to sign up for a conference with your child’s teacher

The children have been working hard at school. They are gaining skills and knowledge every day. You can help your child get the most out of the school experience by making sure they are getting a good night sleep and coming to school regularly.

I am in the process of identifying students and families in need of assistance for the holidays. Please contact me if you would like to be included.