Snow Day

Snow days! Those wonderful days off of school that occur regardless of our plans. And it doesn’t matter how disruptive they are of our schedules and plans, we love them (and always want more!)

Snow days are a joy! A chance to sleep a little bit later, or if we’re already up before the call is made, a chance to just relax and enjoy the day. Some may consider a snow day a wasted day. But of course, a day off of school is not wasted time. Any day that brings us some pleasure is definitely not wasted!

Along with the pleasure of a snow day, teachers often spend part of their days off working; preparing lesson plans, grading papers, completing reports. Students can also make good use of these days. Along with sleeping in, relaxing, playing in the snow, watching TV or playing video games, there can be a little time for ‘school work’. Practicing their reading and math skills, reviewing their spelling words or class notes, these are great ways to keep learning and exercising those brains!

No one knows when or how many ‘Snow Days’ we will be blessed with this year. Enjoy them when they arrive and please encourage some time spent learning!

School Counseling News

K-2 Classroom Guidance lessons have begun. Lessons have been scheduled for twice a month and include school success, character traits, diversity/tolerance, friendship skills, problem-solving, and other topics important for young children. We also work hard on developing our patience and staying calm. The students are always told to share with their families what we talk about in our lessons, so please ask them what they worked on!

The ‘Character of the Month’ program has been resumed for this school year. At the close of each month, a student from each classroom is selected who exemplifies the character trait of that month. The ‘Characters of the Month’ are rewarded with a paw charm, the list and pictures are posted monthly in the front hallway by the office. The list of monthly character traits can be found on the ‘Character Education’ page.

It’s that time!

Are you ready? Once again it’s time for the start of another school year. I hope everyone enjoyed the summer break.

I am excited to see all of the returning teachers and students and equally excited to meet all of the new teachers and students. I will be working hard to make 2017-2018 a great year!

Please check out the additional pages and links for more information on the School Counseling program.

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Summer Is Almost Here!

As we get close to the end of the school year please remember that it does not mean the end of learning. Please take the summer as an opportunity to not only have some fun and relaxation, but to continue teaching your child. Learning is not something that just takes place in the classroom. It is important that your child reviews and practices the skills learned in reading and math. Summer is also an opportunity for exploration and discussion. Use of the public library, informational websites, vacation and travel are all wonderful ways to enhance your child’s education.