School Counseling Program Standards


 Academic Development

Goal: Students will acquire the academic preparation essential to choose from a variety of educational, training, and employment options upon completion of secondary school.

(Grades K-3) Students will:

EA1. Understand the expectations of the educational environment,

EA2. Understand the importance of individual effort, hard work, and persistence,

EA3. Understand the relationship of academic achievement to current and future success in school,

EA4. Understand that mistakes are essential to the learning process

EA5. Demonstrate individual initiative and a positive interest in learning

EA6. Use appropriate communication skills to ask for help when needed

EA7. Work independently to achieve academic success

EA8. Work cooperatively in small and large groups towards a common goal

EA9. Use study skills and test-taking strategies.

(Grades 4-5) Students will:

EA10. Recognize personal strengths and weaknesses related to learning

EA11. Demonstrate time management and organizational skills

EA12. Apply study skills necessary for academic achievement

EA13. Use critical thinking skills and test-taking strategies

EA14. Understand the choices, options, and requirements of the middle school environment.

 Career Development

Goal: Students will investigate the world of work in order to make informed career decisions.

(Grades K-3) Students will:

EC1. Understand the concepts of job and career

EC2. Understand that behaviors such as punctuality, courtesy, proper dress and proper language are essential to current and future success

EC3. Understand the relationship of individual effort, hard work and persistence to achievement

EC4. Understand the importance of teamwork in working towards a common goal

EC5. Demonstrate the decision making process

EC6. Demonstrate goal setting.

(Grades 4-5) Students will:

EC7. Recognize the benefits of both individual initiative and teamwork

EC8. Recognize that the changing workplace requires lifelong learning,

EC9. Identify hobbies and interests

EC10. Identify career choices through exploration

 Personal/Social Development

Goal: Students will acquire an understanding of, and respect for, self and others, and the skills to be responsible citizens.

(Grades K-3): Students will:

EP1. Exhibit the principles of character, including honesty, trustworthiness, respect for the rights and property of others, respect for rules and laws, taking responsibility for one’s own actions, fairness, caring, and citizenship

EP2. Understand how to make and keep friends and work cooperatively with others,

EP3. Understand that Americans are one people of many diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds and national origins who are united as Americans by common customs and traditions,

EP4. Demonstrate good manners and respectful behavior towards others

EP5. Demonstrate self-discipline and self-reliance,

EP6. Identify resource people in the school and community and understand how to seek their help

EP7. Understand the importance of short- and long-term goals.

(Grades 4-5) Students will:

EP8. Understand change as a part of growth

EP9. Understand decision making and problem solving strategies

EP10. Identify the emotional and physical dangers of substance use and abuse

EP11. Use strategies for managing peer pressure

EP12. Use strategies for handling conflict in a peaceful way